Mission Statement


          McSweeny’s School of the Performing Arts is committed to bringing out the performing musician in students of all ages.  Every person, young and old deserves an opportunity to pursue the arts.  We have a moral obligation and responsibility to give of the utmost of ourselves in developing the next generation of artists, musicians and performers and enhance the quality of life to all involved in these artistic endeavors.

Our Teachers

- Fort Dodge Area

Children’s Chorus Grades: 1-8

- Voice Instruction, All Ages



Email: maryann@mcsweenysschool.com

MaryAnn McSweeny-Buhr  Owner, Voice Instructor


Dan Cassady

B.M., M.A

- Instrumental Lessons

-Trombone, Brass Lessons


- Guitar Lessons


B.M., M.M

- Piano Lessons

- Violin Lessons



-Organ Lessons

-Piano Lessons

-Trumpet Lessons

Our Offerings

The school offers private lessons in voice, piano, instrumental music, electric guitar, brass, woodwinds, and violin. Students can also participate in the Fort Dodge Area Children's Chorus (grades 1-8) .